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I guess it’s healthy to just feel a moment of defeat for a couple seconds of the day, back to the good vibes 😌✌️

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me this summer
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no no no no no sometimes being happy for others is just too much, and it’s not worth my time to talk about me cause I’d rather continue looking at the positives idk ya know? random thoughts that make sense in my head so I’m trying to write it down and explain but I guess that just makes it more confusing

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Never followed this couple, but this gif always breaks my heart. Because you watch it all unfold in heartbreaking detail… The camera’s on them, she goes to look at him, expecting-anticipating his eyes will turn to find her, like she’s turning to find him. Then the realization hits, he’s completely preoccupied, and it’s not with her. And you see it wash over her face… she was thinking of him, but he wasn’t thinking of her. 
I think a lot of girls can relate to how shitty that moment feels.
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4/19/14 - Kendall Jenner at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival Weekend 2: Day 2.
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I love our neighbours

but they seem so unbearable
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The Kum and Go. Or as my mom called it, the ejaculate and evacuate.

Jizz and jet

shoot and scoot

blow your load and hit the road

bust ya nut and off ya strut
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I genuinely wish I didn’t have to see your face or name or anything related to you I haven’t had a problem with anyone in my life in so damn long and that fact that it’s been officially a year and I stillll have to deal with you and your negativity & bad thoughts towards me, no. that’s bs and life should be treated better than that and if you can’t over come that, well that’s not my damn problem and if you’re gonna take it out on me, well you’re just not even worth my attention any more and most definitely have not been for a damn good time now and the fact that I even care enough to not care bothers me lol